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Output at terminal Y of given ...

Output at terminal Y of given logic circuit. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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10Not determineOscillating between 0 and 1

Answer : B
Solution : NA


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hello everyone welcome to the video Sohar today's question is output at terminal by of the given logic circuit is so in this question we are given a circuit this and we have to find output of OK it is a very simple question in this whole circuit only to get Sar used that is a not get and this is navigate as we know that the output of not get is Ava And The Ninth Gate is a dot b whole bar ok so let us see the input here equals to 1 is given that is input is one output will be here is zero ok and then get both zeros are going so for 9 get 0.0 bar will be equals to 100.00 and and Inverse is one so here output will be one so this output one will

be will be the input of another NAND gate here ok so I can write here one so latest it is not get the input for this not get is zero show the output will be one and this one is going to another then get here so here they are input will be one so let's kam hoga to this year the one in one input is zero and other input is well so 1.0 will be zero and the universe will be the output of this navigate this 9 gate is one in this one is again inputted to another nine Gate ok so after this redirect output is why so for 1.1 the output is one and the universe will be 0 OK so the output of Y will be = 20 so correct option

is option number be that is


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