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One mole of an ideal monoatomic gas at temperature `T_0` expands slowly according to the law `p/V` = constant. If the final temperature is `2T_0`, heat supplied to the gas is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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In a process `PV^(x)` = constant molar heat capacity is given by `C=(R )/(gamma-1)+(R )/(1-x)` <br> As the process is `(P)/(V)` = constant, <br> i.e `PV^(-1)`=constant , `threfore , x =-1` <br> For an ideal monatiomic gas , `gamma=(5)/(3)` <br> `C=(R )/((5)/(3)-1)+(R )/(1-(-1))=(3)/(2)R+(R)/(2)=2R` <br> `DeltaQ = n C(DeltaT)=1(2R)(2R_(0)-T_(0))=2RT_(0)`


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hello everyone that the problem is that Lori according to the lock in the temperature is then heat supplied to the first but the law is given year is up and running this recipe to the power minus 1 is equal to the equation of polytropic process that is is equal to constant get the value of an will come out and -1

what about this is equal to see that at constant volume and hear this one and the value of n is -1 that specific heat of a monoatomic gas accountable to become 3 hour by 22 Nov to calculate the hi Delta 2 will be equal to

where we can see Delta change in temperature now here the given as one mole of an ideal gas that is the value of one today temperature change from one or two not always ready sodaltech you calculated at the temperature has been changed from Connaught mews final to get the value of that this is the value that obtained Indian about this question and it is move towards an option

one is the correct one this question thank you

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