One mole of a monoatomic ideal gas is taken through the cycle ABCDA as shown in the figure. <br> `T_A=1000K` and `2p_A=3p_B=6p_C` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/DCP_V03_CH21_E01_109_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> `[Ass um e(2/3)^0.4=0.85` and `R=(25)/(3)JK^-1mol^-1]` <br> Work done by the gas in the process `ArarrB` is

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(a) 5312J(b) 1875J(c) 6251J(d) 8854J

Answer :
Solution :
In adiabatic process, <br> `W_(AB)=-DeltaU_(AB)` <br> `=nC_V(T_A-T_B)` <br> `=(1)(3/2R)(T_A-T_B)` <br> `=(1)(3/2xx25/3)(1000-850)` <br> `=1875J`


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Yahan per Humko I have a question in which Jeevan Daata and question is equal to 1000 K another 28 2 PS3 4.85 and the value of R equal to 25 question we can

see we have to find a word a to b and a to b is adiabatic process adiabatic process what we are going to general equation that is equal to after tuition fee NR n r c NR /

what we have to write this Power is equal to ok after that what we get the relation we will get the relation that cover 1 cent is equal to is equal to into upon power Gama

to the power is equal to costing it can be written like this we're going to substitute this relation 42 condition for a to the power 1 - 1 - grammar Pintu Gama anydesk for a is equal to b to the power 1 - drama into

TV to recover 2D power 1 - Ghana is equal to upon Dam power is divided from other side it will be come on 1 - grammer / grammar is equal to 7 cm / as we know the given data is on is equal to some value

that is 253 ok upon divided by 3 power 1 - drama / is equal to / / what we have to write of value of npv is equal to 3 by 2 what is the value of Gamma for monoatomic it is 5 by 3 and minus 5 by 3 so it will be 5 by 3 5 by 3 is equal to CV /

OK what is TV TV is equal to cm2 is equal to tan2 power -2 by 5000 it is 1010 what is the value of power minus 2 by 5 as the TV required to 850 K and how can we calculate Q should be equal to zero Delta u h

w what is data unit is equal to N TV and TV India going to calculate Delta u r h 10 12 for monatomic from this data we can calculate Delta u equal to 3 into what is the value of 25 - 150 - 150 ok from here we can cancel it 332 is equal to 150 - 150 and what we are going to get call and it will get the

1875 zoo minus w minus w w is equal to 1875

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