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Class 11






Wave Motion


One end of 12.0m long rubber t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A::B::D
Solution : Tension in the rubber tube AB, `T=mg` <br> or `T=(5.0)(9.0)=49N` <br> Mass per unit length of rubber tube, `mu=(0.9)/(12)=0.075kg//m` <br> :. Speed of wave on the tube, `v=sqrt((T)/(mu))=sqrt((49)/0.075)=25.56m//s` <br> `:.` The required time is,`t = (AB)/(v)=(12)/(25.56)=0.47s` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello short dress person is one end of the 12 m long rubber tube with the total mass of 0.9 kg is fastened to a fixed support this is that in a code attached to another in a Pulley and support an object with mass of 5.5 kg that you are the one the time required for the past two days there if instructor at this in what is the time required at which the password transferred to the other day that year and what is the velocity of the pulse for finding the philosophy of to and what is the tension in the cord that balancing the forces here we can say that tension is

what is marks marks given as 0.93 49 Newton now given mass of 0.9 kg and total length of the chord total length of Chord given as 12 m so what is you that is mass per unit length it is 0.9 and we know that velocity of pulse request to under root of Ti bi Mu Rati tension and use the mass per unit length what is tension year it is 49 mask entrance 2019

our god is 12 m long and the speed of the boss is 25.5% to find the time to time required to Total distance covered the length of the chord cordova the velocity of the pulse 12 velocity that is 25.7 time required for the first to reach the order in this to the time required for the past to reach the other end is 0.4

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