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On charging a parallel plate capacitor to a potential V, the spacing between the plates is halved, and a dielectric medium of r=10 is introduced between the plates, without disconnecting the d.c. source.
Explain, using suitable expressions, how the (i) capacitance, (ii) electric field and (iii) electric field and (iii) energy density of the capacitor change.



hello everyone that standard question question says that on charging a parallel plate capacitor to a potential V the spacing between the plates is heart and the dielectric medium or equal to 10 is introduced between the plates without disconnecting the disease source without connected disconnected V DC source using suitable expression how the capacitance electric field energy density of a capacitor changes ok to get to find out Renu capacitance the electric field and energy density of capacitor to add the resources without disconnecting ok so this is not disconnected
so the potential difference that is we will be no change in potential difference ok now where to find out the capacitance capacitance and its equal to its not a by the where is the area and is a distance of and distance between the plates of a dielectric medium of introduce so when you capacitance C1 will be so New Capital will be its own a times of the initial ok if it is not a by the distance at Patia distance
bhai half it will be divided to we can write this will be 2 into 10 given in the question ok this is Salim Arif 10 and the rest but it's not a b de Villiers be the sea the initial capacitance we can I see this will be 20 times of the initial capacitance ok this is the new capacitance not coming for the second the electric electric field ok so let's say we write a note for initial it will be the potential divider by the distance between the plate ok now the new potential new electric field is one will be
as the distance between the plate is changed by the by two so we can write the new electric field will be BS vi SIM not changing and hear this device to British to be baydi and this is nothing but initial electric field ok so we can write two not ok this is the new electric field for the third one support Third way to find out charge density so for third way to find out its charge density ok and that is you sow so shall we write you not is equal to half its name not
and the initial electrical that is in order ok now it changed ok cities you half and it is 8 times is not and electric field is even and in even if you're not the week and write into it will be square it will be square to not whole square ok so if you write this we can write to US and are not en24 not square ok so if it take to write the you in terms of you not what we can do we can write different are in 24 and year we can write half ok
if not and in order square ok hi not square so here we see that the arrest and therefore it will turn into 4 and this will be this we can write the you not ok you not this will be 40 times you not be found the expression the energy density you in terms of you know electric field even in Hindi fashion of annoyed and capacitance C1 in terms of C ok write this even the new
capacitance Lesnar first C1 is 20 times of the capacitance ok and the electric field in electric field e one is two times of the electric field in electric field it is two times and it had one charge density that is you what two times of the nation you're not thank you


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