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Class 12






Nta Neet Test 111


Of the following, the equation...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`y = A cos a x sin bt``y = A sin bt``y = A cos(ax + bt)``y = A tan(ax + bt)`

Answer : C

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Hello Brother one of the following the equation of progressive wave is the first equation this equation of standing wave if you fix this for any X you can see it Australian it performs simple harmonic motion with varying amplitude simple harmonic motion with variable amplitude to it is a standing wave equation now if it is mistake in the question it is a simple SHM equation hair what is happening if you see at the SHM every particle is performing

performing SHM with with different amplitude that is X is equals to it Will vary with the position x ray that this is a function of moving wave should be having format like this if I stay it can be either plus or minus moving it is progressive die you can see here t plus minus x bi vi is written to basically the X and should be present in that function which is denoting the progressive wave function right to if you see the C and D option in both of them this is a function of x 20 and the function is same as we have discussed this

function is is a function of t plus minus x y z table and it will have a function like this you can also imagine it like a if a pulse will move if I stay here this person is now let the next to it was at this position if I say this is X2 this simple wall at cos2t minus x bi vi at the disposition at it is that this position it was this it was the expiry time before a disposition to by considering this you have to also consider the direction of motion you can it can be customised as also to you by considering this we ride on the progressive wave equation and you can see

cnd can be the correct option hair thank you

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