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Class 11






Self Assessment Paper 01


Nuclear fission and fusion are...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Yes, But conversion quantity is much less.

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a season and fusion for example of conversion of energy is converted into energy chemical reaction to answer the question at the question that in nuclear fission and fusion converted into smart converted into energy and energy is being involved in the past week reaction exothermic reaction to what is exothermic reaction the reaction the chemical reaction in which

product is reactant and product and is being involved OK it is so fast that it is right to say this is came from the mass of reactant is being converted into this heat it can be said so we can say yes it can be said it can be said that being converted in exothermic chemical reaction also chemical reaction also but but

convert of Mark conversion of mass is very very less and all the heat is generated here come from chemical reaction only it can be said that the mass is being converted also in the chemical reaction in the exothermic chemical reaction but not all the heat is generated in this type of reaction each can from that only

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