Updated on:30/05/2023

Name the three states of matter, giving two examples of each.



hello everyone the question sheet name the three States of matter giving two examples of each so matter Binu there are three States of matter three States of matter what are these solids liquids and gases write solids liquids and gases now three examples for two examples of solids liquids and gases first example of solid can be an ice cube aur open it should either solid because they have definite shape and you also have definite volume liquid
sliquid we know they have definite volume but they do not have definite shape so they take the shape of the container that means examples of liquids would be milk and water right there are no of cores that we can give Nexus gases so about gases we know they have did not have specific or a definite shape and they do not have definite volume also so oxygen is an example of gas and other could be carbon dioxide carbon Dai oxide write hope you understood this


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