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n mole of He and 2n mole of O_...

n mole of He and 2n mole of `O_2` is mixed in a container. Then `(C_p/C_v)_(mix)` will be

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A
Solution : NA


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Jeevan Anmol of HG end-to-end mole of O2 is mixed in a container then used to find out CP by CV of the mixture so if you see the CP by CV of the mixture is anyone CP 1 + N2 cp2 / annual cv1 Plus and to see me 2 simple sweet is given that and mole of helium and 2m mole of hydrogen oxygen is there so helium is a monoatomic gas if I talk about the CP and CV of the Helium so cv1 of the helium is equals to 3 by 2 hours since f

Sahil Mein request 23 and CP one for the same will be caused to CBE oneplus are at that will be equal to 3 by 2 h + that is equals to 5 by to know if we calculate the cv2 that is for hydrogen gas again I will write a query to also for hydrogen gas Affairs Quiz 25 so I will write five so in this now CP to read so it will be CV CV to + 8 so I will add an hour to pi by 2 hours so this will be 7r why should we got the CV cp-11 and CV to CP to put that into equations have a light

so I will write your and one and one is a new and TV one is feared by to ncv to is to NR by 2 and you will get 5 plus 4 3 by 3 + 10 sweet will be 19132 this will be your answer now you can see a option is the correct one



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