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Nuclear Physics


M_p denotes the mass of a prot...

`M_p` denotes the mass of a proton and `M_n` that of a neutron. A given nucleus, of binding energy `B`, contains `Z` protons and `N` neutrons. The mass `M(N,Z)` of the nucleus is given by.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`m(N, Z)=Nm_(n)+ZM_(p)-Bec^(2)``m(N, Z)=Nm_(n)+Zm_(p)+Bec^(2)``m(N, Z)=Nm_(n)+Zm_(p)-BE//c^(2)``m(N, Z)=Nm_(n)+Zm_(p)+BE//c^(2)`

Answer : C


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in this problem we have a given that MP3 not the mass of proton samander not the mass of neutron a given nucleus of binding energy B contains Z protons and neutrons the mass M of the nucleus is given by show admin know that binding energy binding energy of nucleus of A nucleus can be given at the binding energy can be given as mass of proton X number of protons that is Z plus mass of neutron X number of neutron - mass of the nucleus which contains neutrons and protons ok X X Z Square show from here we can write binding energy that is given as B upon

that is equals to z x m p + n x m n minus into a sorry m that is the mass of the nucleus in terms of neutron and proton have to find the value of mass of nucleus can be given as a mass of nucleus can be given at z x MP z x MP and + n x n x m n minus b upon square to be in the basically binding energy is basically binding energy we can write be as well we can write binding energy binding energy square to this is the result from the from the given condition so we can see that from the given option only

option C satisfies satisfy is this this equation is option C is the correct answer of this problem thank you

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