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Nuclear Physics


M_p denotes the mass of a prot...

`M_p` denotes the mass of a proton and `M_n` that of a neutron. A given nucleus, of binding energy `B`, contains `Z` protons and `N` neutrons. The mass `M(N,Z)` of the nucleus is given by.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`M(N,Z)= NM_n + ZM_p - Bc^2``M(N,Z) = NM_n + ZM_p + Bc^2``M(N,Z) = NM_n + ZM_p - B//c^2``M(N,Z) = NM,, + ZM_p + B//c^2`

Answer : C
Solution : ( c) Binding energy of a nucleus containing `N` neutrons and `Z` protons is <br> `B = [NM_n + ZM_p - M(N,Z)]c^2` <br> `rArr (B)/(c^2) = NM_n + ZM_p - M(N,Z)` <br> `rArr M(N,Z) = NM_n + ZM_p - B//c^2`.


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