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Class 11






Centre Of Mass, Impulse And Momentum


Match the following: (P = mome...

Match the following: (P = momentum of particle, K = kinetic energy of particle) <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello we are given with the question answer the question says that marks the following is Momentum atke static energy of a particle so we have a relation between Kinetic and KNP that is Momentum and kinetic energy K kinetic energy is p square what to eat for a particle is always Sabke is directly proportional to p square or P is directly proportional to root over of ke tender for sale in the right so if you say is increased by 200% right so it has become initially in the privacy the final would be p23 picture that changes to pyrite so it has become 3p that means it is proportional to case where p square rights of ke would be

ke would become 90 right so what does that mean it has a change of it that is Eight Hundred Percent super action write the next thing we are given with age s k is increased by 300% 50 is increased by 300% that means it has become 4K plus 3 case 4K so how does she changes it changes by root over of that it is proportional this is the proportionality siruthavoor 4S tool that is to be the party has become topi so that changes is 1p right that is 100% right so the option is TI bi has none right now the

next is is increased by 1% so is increased by 1% that means 0.01 has increased so 1.01 p p has become 1.013 so how does the ke has been changed it is 1.8 ke has become the square of this item fits that is approximately 150 to ke Subah changes is 0.02 ke rights that is 2% in 200 that is 2% so our answer is this correct the next thing we're given with his gaze increased by 1% that means it is 0.1.0 18 has become 1.01 ki has become route 1.01 that would be equal to

1.00 5.00 night Delta P is this right correct show the percentage change is 0.5 % in 205 P that is this is D right so these are the correct options a b c and d


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