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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> mass `m` of a liquid rises inside a capillary of radius `r`. The mass of fluid that rises when a capillary of radius `2r` is used is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello the problem states that mark M of a liquid Rises inside a capillary tube of radius R the mass of the few that can rise tube of radius 2 what is used is what so this is the water which is rising inside a capital to approve the height H Centre stand to concept capillary tube is dipped in the water S Binu the water rises in the capillary tube it will look at the forces acting on the water supported we have to draw the picture of the water so we can see that if this is the water column the forces acting

is first you to the surface tension so if it has the radius are so put that in the directions to prepare your at this balances the photo and we can see that surface tension into a force balances the topic for status MG which is there in the situation if the capability to use of the radius 2r so if the capital to is of the religious tour that means the upward force acting between 1 to 25 of weight W W detective balance m.des in 2G lesson notice balancing the attached to the second equation will be 15 to 25 of tour is equals to address into this is the second equation to that divides

history question so what you're getting em-dash upon m is equal to 3 year will get cancel out that is 251 from here we can save the humour and dashes for voice of which is given to us is option selfie with answer thank you


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