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Jee Main Revision Test 11 (2020)


Mass density of sphere of radi...

Mass density of sphere of radius `R` is `(K)/(r^(2))`. Where `K` is constant and `r` is distance from centre. A particle is moving near surface of sphere along circular path of radius R with time period T. Then


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

T/R is constantTR is constant`T^(2)//R^(3)` is a constant`T//R^(2)` is a constant

Answer : A
Solution : `rho (r ) = (K)/(r^(2)) (Mv^(2))/(R ) = (GM)/(R )` <br> `(Mv^(2))/(R ) = (G int_(0)^(R ) rho (r ) 4 pi r^(2) dn)/(R^(2)), m ((2 pi)/(T))^(2) R = (GK 4 pi R)/(R^(2))` <br> `(T)/(R )` = constant


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we have a question mass density of sphere of radius R is ke Poorna square is constant and Rs distance from circle A particle is moving near surface of a circular path of radius R with time period t latest draw diagram let this be the circle around which A particle of radius R is rotating an let r be the radius of sphere and smaller the particles which are rotating around the circle there are many particles will be rotating because only then they will make a complete Circle to lete small particles that are rotating inside that circle and together they are making big circle

first of all we have to find out the mass of small circle because the centripetal force which they are getting is due to gravitational between the mass decentralized here and from the outside the square that's why they are rotating sophos to fall let us assume the small particle mass which is equal to 45 square Dr into ki upon R square as it is given in the question ok so now we have a mass of smaller area to find out the mass of all the biggest fear we have to integrated right so here we have integration of

India action of dm002 are as it will be the radius r from 0 to earth in the radius of sphere will 85 R square Dr ke Apon ra8 as we know that the particular rotating cause of centripetal force and gravitational force of a to be added as a formula for the gravitation is ji mass of share in mass of particle upon our square equal to mass of a particle

Square X radius from here the mass of particle will be cancel out and will be men with one hour square on integration of from zero to rj45 in India which is equal to buy it square because the value of Omega will be equal to 25 upon so again writing equation ji

square KR will be equal to 45 square upon square so here we cancel out and I will be cancel out with our remaining with G upon ki equals to cos square A upon B square Where are square will be equal to c p square as she is a some constant write some constants o r y equal to see the similarly can also say that Ti bi R is

also constant here option number first is correct for the given question

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