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Mass density of sphere of radi...

Mass density of sphere of radius `R` is `(K)/(r^(2))`. Where `K` is constant and `r` is distance from centre. A particle is moving near surface of sphere along circular path of radius R with time period T. Then


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(T^(2))/(R)=` constant`(T)/(R)=` constant`(T)/(R^(2))=` constant`(T^(2))/(R^(3))=` constant

Answer : B


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in this question question say that mass density of a sphere R is ki bi R square where K is constant and it is the distance from centre OK so the mass density of a sphere is given that is a ball Arya square is constant is the distance from centre distance Centre ok no further question A particle is moving near surface of sphere along a circular path of radius R with time Trupti so particle is moving in which and radius r and the time period also given then you will need to find out the relation between time period and the radius now first of all

destroy is fair this season is here Chhote industry the mass density is given to say which is ke phone square and radius radius of sphere is also given that is Durgesh a is given that is H this distance is ok and on the surface of a particle is moving in a week and then the particle is moving here on the area of sphere with radius fixed radius r so we need to find out the relation between time period

and relation and and the time period of time period of a particle is given t ok now we know that is of body for forming a circular motion that must be a force that is acting between them to the force acting is gravitational force and gravitational Porsche today ine today ine gravitational force we know that that is the mass of affair mass of particle of phone addiction slits is the distance square ok the distance of reduced because a particle is along the very very and we need to pay we need it so it is it is it is forming a circle why is help of gravitational force which is equal to 24 of a

node at M omega square into our aim is the mass of particle from here the mass of particle is the mass of particle will get cancer love the way we are left with me mass of a square is equal to M and for the Omega we can write it to private we have time period equal to 25 Omega ok to make equal to 25 t 2.3 square into are now here the mass with where is not constant to be we need to calculated to let se HD stands are se this is the distance distance as you a small sphere is smallest

ok now this is fair West India India with radius are India with Riju and the mass is small messages is a is equal to 4 Pi R Square into dear into this is the Mass Mass density Bihar into ki Bai aajkal ok this is a small mass of this is small sphere of radius r India with their with two from here are a square and a love is a small BF will be equal to 45 into ke into

Dr ok now moving for the question if we integrate this is small masses we will get the mass of a sphere which is needed from jio to Arif integrate the mass of this value 0 2 h ok ji Maa Saraswati Ji vi r a square minus b square 01028 limit 45 ke Dr equal to Marshal speciality cancel particle party ka ticket configure equal to 25 square into our now we will integrate it we will get ki upon square equal to 4

integration of India is R and K value will be h Shirdi Sai interiors Vellore 4 Pi R equal to 25 p square into r from here cancel out something about the value for bhai Aahat equal to this will also 45 square into hour upon now 415115 in Cancer love and H and Arif castle of square so ji and bye bye to p square b square equal to

Payphone ji 5.0 constant value quick Android t square upon x square equal to constant and if it take the root it is also a constant City upon R is a constant again constant of a constant it is also number show tutiya panaracer correct answer let's see which of signatures and option B thank you ok Google

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