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Mass and lengh of a metal cube...

Mass and lengh of a metal cube are `"10 kg "pm" 0.01 kg and 1 m "pm" 0.02 m"`. Its density with percentage then percentage error is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello students today aur question is mass and length of a cube of a cube metal kam are 10 kg plus minus 0.01 kg + 1 and the mass is this 10kg and this is one and this is a real plus minus 0.2 m 0.02 m and its density with the percentage is then percentage error is so we have a b c d option is given as we have to find which option is correct so the solution of this version is the mass of the Kyon this is equals to 10 kg and this is plus minus 0.01 kg here and the length of the cube of the metal kyu sote Hue this is Kyon bhaiya

is l so this request 21 m plus minus 0.02 M here and we have to find the density here so we know that density is equals to mass / volume so we have De diesel density amazom H and V is the volume so we know that volume is in the cube is side Kyon that is lq so this is equal to 1 M3 here so we can put the value their masses 10 and this is 10 kg and this is 1 metre cube hyun-soo 1 cube this is 1 metre cube bhaiya so from this we get dances 10kg and this is per metre cube so this is the density hair and we have to find the percentage error in density

so we have the this is equals to this is lq bhaiya so we have the Android this as this is mass and this is lq so we had the densities mass / volume that is lq for a b take the percentage error so we have the Delta De / dn200 sowdeshwari costume data M / m&a + 3 time of changing the trial in length and this is l hear so many time of this and we have to multiply here also with hundred so from the percentage error in density in 200 is equals to this the error is plus -0.01 so we have the

changes 0.01 and this is masses 10kg plus 3 time of this is 0.02 and length is 1 metre and this is multiplied here with hundred so we have percentage error in density these hundred and this will equals to 0.1 and this is 0.06 and this is in x 100 hair so we get percentage error in so this will equals to 0.07 and this is multiplied with hundred hair

so from this we have this is 0.01 so we have this is 10 year and this is from this we get this is equals to 7% yeah so this is the percentage error in density so if we add this to the final result is D plus minus this error in density so this is equals to be have 10 kg per metre Cube + - 7% so this is the final answer this question now we check which option is correct to other option A will be correct thank you