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Class 11






Sound Waves And Doppler Effect


Loudness of sound from an isot...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Intensity from a point source varies with distance as `Iprop(1)/(r^2)` <br> Let at distace `r_1=10m` Intensity is `I_1` <br> Then given `20=10log((I_1)/(I_0))` .(i) <br> let for `r=r_2`, sound level be zero. Then intensity at that point should be `I_2=I_0` <br> And `(I_1)/(I_2)=((r_2)/(r_1))^2implies(I_1)/(I_0)=((r_2)/(r_1))^2` .(ii) <br> From Eqs. (i) and (ii) we get <br> `20=10log((r_2)/(r_1))^2implies20=20log((r_2)/(r_1))` <br> `implies(r_2)/(r_1)=10impliesr_2=10r_1=7m`

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hello friends today we are going to solve this problem loudness of a sound of an isotropic points or at a distance of 70 m in 20 days what is the distance at which it is not here so that will be the distance where the sound is not clear that means beta should be zero now what is this beta beta is there a variant of intensity that is calculated in this way can log I let is intensity of resource upon I know where I notice and it was a minus 12 watt per metre square ok this is how we calculate beta from this equation to calculate the intensity of this equation 2010 love icon final show from this equation

we win we will get to is equal to hello how are you I know I can see that are you can I not equal to to come here to get the intensity I is equal 202 I not putting the value cannot hundred sorry setting the value of I not we will get power 2 into 10 power minus 12 what climatic violet is power minus 10 watt per metre square to this is the intensity that the intensity i1 equal to x square minus 10 watt per metre square is Where are 1 is equal to 0.7 metre and

now what we need to find any to find a place where the print data should be zero and how we will locate the position go from this equation we can see that the beta 10 log I am I not will be zero and this will be zero if I was equal to how this will give result 10 ok this is the condition zero we can see that the I2 should be I to Shirdi I not aur power minus 12 and then we

need to calculate the ok now we know that intensity is inversely proportional to square ok show by taking ratio of name hai to to Alto K10 urban square in 21 into 10 power minus 10 ok thank you

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