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Light of wavelength lambda is ...

Light of wavelength `lambda` is incident on metal surface. Work function of metal is very small compare to kinetic energy of photon. If light of wave length `lambda'` is incident on metal surface then linear momentum of electron becomes `1.5` of initial, find out `lambda'`.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : D


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hello everyone let's Tata question question say that light of wavelength Lambda is incident on a metal surface tension of metal is very small compared to connect Internet in energy of photon of light of wavelength Lambda is incident on a metal surface in linear momentum of he becomes 1-15 of this year so let's take a metal surface support this is the metal surface light of wavelength Lambda is incident OK then the momentum suppose it's its speed and the other Light having a wavelength Lambda dash is incident on this metal surface the momentum is changed by 1.5 Times

so we need to find out the Limited days as 11 is given to find celebrities in terms of Lambda ok so now relation between linear momentum and is given by a square by a call to as Si vi Raman ok about this is the equation for the first flight then for second one it will be 15 All square by 2 a.m. equal to HC Lambda let's say this is equation 1 and this one uan to now now your divided

equation 1 by 2 navvi dividing dividing division 1 by vision to so we will get at sea by land / HC my Labrador as and this will be equal to p square by to M / 1.5 whole square divided by 12 that SC and HC when m2m so get this limits will be go up and level 70

Adidas bhai Lambda and this is equal to p square divided by the square of 1 to 5 is 2.2.25 square square and Square out so I will be won by 2.25 into Lambda and official for that this will be handed / 2.25 Lambda and this is equal to 4 Lambda sensor is

aur bhai 9 Lambda we can write correct answer is 4 by 9 Lambda thank you

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