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Light of intensity 50W//m^(2) ...

Light of intensity `50W//m^(2)` is incident on a arae of `1m^(2)` in such a way that `25%` of light is reflected back. Find the force exerted by light on surface if light incident perpendicularly

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : C


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hello the problem states that light of intensity 50 Watt per metre square is incident on an area of 1 metre square in such a way that 25% of the light is reflected back so we have to find the force exerted by the light on the surface if the light incident knowledge centre centre situation let's see if this is the surface and on the surface light of intensity I not is it said it was given to us in such a way that 25% of the light is reflected that the coefficient of reflectivity is 25 while the

so the light is absorbed in the function of the absorptivity 51 - are which is point 7 point no we know the concept of the radiation pressure and the radiation pressure is defined as I was into 1 + or where R is the opposite of activity we have to find the force to force it is equal to pressure into area so the intensity of the light 50 Watt per metre square divided by the speed of light which is it into 1 + IR values point

Bittu area area 1 m square so here we can solve to see the value postal commerce 20.8 into 10 to the power minus 8 which is given to us the option with answer thank you

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