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Jee Mains


Li^(2+) is initially is ground...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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11.4 nm9.4 nm12.3 nm10.8 nm

Answer : A

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hello everyone the questions that leads him to post it is initially in his ground state when radiation of wavelength Lambda node incident on it it emits six different field length during lactation find Lambda node now we have given a Lithium to positive is necessary in ground state so it is initially at Township when radiation of wavelength Lambda node is incident on it so when whenever we incident radiation having wavelength and anode it every six different wavelengths number of different wavelength is 6 it is said it is initially its ground state so alive positive is initially at counted if at it is initially at ground state then we can number of wavelength we know number of its wavelength it is equals to how to find the number of wavelength is and - 10 -

upon to so number of wavelength is 6 we will find value of an divided to now on this occasion we get and equals to 4 so it is the number of that sell in which electrode jump so now we will use I am Formula 1 upon Lambda 802.11 n estate ground so its annual value is 1 square minus and it jumps from this state that is N = 24 now on value for the value of this constant is 1.097 into 10 raise to power 7 and we get 118 will became one upon 16 now on solving this value we get lambdas 970 and strong evidence that is 917

so we can write this value is 9.7 into 10 raise to power switch will became 10 days to power minus 9 M that is 9.7 NM required wavelength and power required wavelength is 9.7 NM or nearly equal to 9.4 NM hands option B is right it is our answer I hope you understood this explanation thank you

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