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Let m_p be the mass of a proto...

Let `m_p` be the mass of a proton , `m_n` the mass of a neutron, `M_1` the mass of a `._10^20Ne` nucleus and `M_2` the mass of a `._20^40Ca` nucleus . Then

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Text Solution

`M_2 = M_1``M_2 gt M_1``M_2 lt 2M_1``M_1 lt 10 (m_n + m_p)`

Answer :
Solution :
Due to mass defect, the rest mass of a nucleus is always less than sum of the rest masses of its constituent nucleons. <br> `._10^20Ne` nucleus consists of 10 protons and 10 neutrons . <br> `therefore M_1 lt 10 (m_p + m_n)`


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let a be the mass of proton and MN be the mass of neutron M1 be the mass of lead set 2010 neon red cell nucleus and M2 the mass of 4020 calcium nucleus then so here we can say to form a essay on nuclear we can say that 21 consisting of 10 protons and neutrons when combined they formed let se new nuclear tests we can say new nucleus as even as M1 so we can say M1 is the actual mass and Critical mass of neon was that sit 10mp plus we can say 10 times ml and we know here there occurs from mark

due to mast effect in one that is experimental mast is always let se less than our theoretical hence we can say they've M1 is less than 10 times the mass of proton plus 10 times the mass of neutron so option number 4 is our correct option in similar manner for letting calcium nucleus so for calcium 4020 we can take year 2020 new show in this process we can say theoretical mass of calcium in 20 MB plus we can take care 20 X theoretical mass this 20mp plus 20 ml that's a is always found to be greater than the experimental marks which is empty

given in the question so here in comparing option number 123 we can see here there does not exist any relation as much so we cannot let se compare M2 and emono toys of M1 is the correct option is Octane number 447

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