Let A, B, C, D be points on a vertical line such that AB = BC = CD. If a body is released from position A, the times of descent through AB, BC and CD are in the ratio.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`: sqrt2-1: sqrt3-sqrt2``1: sqrt2:sqrt3``1:2:3``1:4:9`

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City point on a particular line such that a b is equal to BC is equal to what is released from position at the time of this and CD are in the ratio of Bihar to find vendor list of body in position at the time of the send through everything a BBC sitting calculate this is the way this is just a and have this is the day now here we take this height is because the ab BC CD is equal to determine the height is here we take our height and now Vaseline or Wizard of Oz hear this is the Forgotten this is a laser show in the initial velocity is equal to zero so here in that case hair find time this time

table and chair this time is it in two and this time is it T3 Soya in question when body is released from position at the time of Descent for a baby now hear the time to visit every we have fine as one is equal to half is 81 care because the initial velocity is zero or hereafter 1 is equal to under root of 2 as wide as for this is a letter to him and had this time is calculated here now we find that a two-time is calculated for Habitat this is that 1 + 2 is equal to this height is 2 H 2 into 2 h upon ji and hair T2 is equal to put the value table

this is the four H B minus under root of 2 and after calculating disturb compared to 2 under root of 2 h y g and here under root of 2 - 1 let it be to now here in that case the time of 28 and hear this is the way and here we calculate 83 is equal to under root of 6 h y minus x y z calculating disturb will come T3 is equal to 2 under

semen is under root of 2 led to the equation 3 year did find the ratio of their we can write from dictation 110 cc will get so will come to Rayachoti to restore MP3 that is equal to 2 is cancel hairs of Windsor this is 1 ratio under root of 2 - 1 and the ratio of under root 3 minus under root of 2 this is the solution of the check the option here at time of Descent ABCD Ara to is this is a one minus under root of -1 and threats of under root 3 minus out of his right this is solution this question by step

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