Kinetic energy of the particle is E and it's De-Broglie wavelength is λ. On increasing it's KE by δE, it's new De-Broglie wavelength becomes λ2. Then δE is


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hello Pawan kinetic energy of the particle is a and s d public wavelength is Lambda on increasing is kinetic energy by Delta is new becomes Lambda by 2 then you have to find out the Delta if you see the wavelength is it upon every where A is the momentum of the kinetic energy is equal to 30 square by so we can write u p is equal to under root 2 and root 2 m k and C is inversely proportional to under root of kinetic energy de do initially the authors Lambda and that it becomes planned by 2 equal to under root 3
ki Dasha kinetic energy respectively so readers is the changed kinetic energy is e plus we have to find out this entry and Ahmedabad to put the value of Lambda is equals to this land will get cancelled out and you will get this occurs to han so if a square both side then I will get e + 3 + Delta is close to half into half that has won by a court date so you'll get Pole is equals to plus Delta put into this will be for now you can see the option
P is the correct option sample thank you

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