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Kinetic energy of the particle...

Kinetic energy of the particle is E and it's De-Broglie wavelength is `lambda`. On increasing it's KE by `delta E`, it's new De-Broglie wavelength becomes `lambda/2`. Then `delta E` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello Bhagwan please do this question the question says that the kinetic energy of the particle is it is de Broglie wavelength is Lambda on increasing its kinetic energy by Delhi is the wavelength becomes Lambda by 2 then Delta is so if I say Lambda Lambda is equals to H by MV where a is the momentum of the particle can also write here that MB is equal to under root 2 cm into energy of the particle so you can confirm this from the expression the kinetic energy is equal to p square by 2 m from here you can see P is equal to under root 2 m into energy of the particle you can see the inverse relation between

laptop and under root Eid so I will right here is inversely proportional to under root so it is said that in the question if the energy is increased by the land of become cylinder by two so I will I will write if this is Lambda this is equals to see by this that supposedly constant and if the energy is increased Delhi it becomes too late now this equation 1 and this is equation to if I will divide the two equation I will get the expression for Delhi as like if I divide the equation to buy Question 1

I will write a Lambda by 2 by Lambda is equals to this into Swadeshi which is a constant will get cancelled out this Lambda will get also cancelled out now you can see clearly half is equals to under root of by + Delhi so if I square both side I will get 1 by 4 is equals to 3 by 3 + Deli so after solving you can solve it will write 4G is equals to X X so we got 4 is equals to 3 + Delhi so

from your daily value equals to 3 and this will be around so sunao syndication again we wanted the increase in energy that is Delta so that is new development because London 210 Delta e will be equal to 3 and evil be are correct answer simple thank you