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Class 12






The Nucleous


Is it easier to take out a nu...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the question as it is here to take a visit easiest 1 question what is energy sources that you have been to this kind of energy

tightly help for add or remove something from their website link if this is more stable physical structure or cannot add or remove something from a list that it held together so you can easily add or remove something good morning clips understand what is the like how can we take

take out a new standard should have this is binding energy supplement and access we have the craft craft picsart age at this point the binding energies at this point seat 85546 so at this point we have Iron and craft at this point

it has to maximum wind energy can any other element into more stable stable nucleus in the binding energy of I want to do with LED light show in this case we have to compare the two of us so it is easier to take out from carbon then you have the answer for

easy to take data from carbon second part number 8282 again after iron the graph starts coming down to the Banyan Tree now we have a wind energy of iron is greater than that of lead through it again start and easily take out the first

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