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Class 11






Work, Energy & Power


Initially the system shown in ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a) zero and zero (b) 2g and zero (c) g and zero (d) None of the above

Answer : B
Solution : `T =2mg` <br> As soon as string is cut T (on A) suddenly becomes zero . Therefore a force of 2mg on upward direction on A suddenly becomes zero. <br> So net force on it will become 2mg downwards. <br> `:. a^(1) = (2mg)/(m) =2g` (downwards) <br> Spring force dorce not become instantly zero so acceleration of B will not change abruptly. <br> or `a_(2) =0`

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the question is initially the system shown in the figure is in equilibrium at the moment the spring is cut the downward acceleration A1 and A2 2010 option 20 to GMT row option 3 is GNDU option is none of the above so we are given a system in which there are two masses of mass M is also of mass M and V are said that if the string is cut down words if we cut the distance from here so the acceleration that every the acceleration of block he had it is acceleration of block B where to find the value of A1 and A2 now let's see the conditions before the before cutting the string so let me draw the free body diagram of the blocks for block B we have 8mg acting downwards and

there is will be the tension in the string let se which is equilibrium condition before cutting the string we have tea dash is equals to MG and it will be equal to also kx not if I take X not to be the excellence of the spring so this will be cos2x not and it will be this week vision one and this week vision to now coming to block B we have blocked a the ancient word the mass MG Hector downward in the tension t a word in the string so balancing the forces we will have it will be equal to dash plus MG no TDS is equals to also MG so we will have MG + MG give us t is equals to 2 MG this is let se question number 3

now if I cut the string so if I cut the string then it is the it will be cut from here to it will make tension in the string equal to zero now the demonic forces will be on block B will be MG downward similar now just after the moment just after cutting the string the spring will not change its length to write it will be only just after the cutting so the mass will be MG against in the direction and attention will be ET dash and here also it will be read as now the block is moving downward with acceleration A1 and block B is moving with acceleration a to solve for block B 1st R block d we have block B B have the balancing the

forces will have tea dash - mg is equal to ma2a putting the value of t dash from equation when we will have MG - mg is equal to M times of a two-tone cancelling the equation we will get a to as the year of the value of acceleration of block B will be 20 metre per second square no for block a we have balancing the forces will get the dash plus mg is equal to M times of a 12 putting the value of TDS from equation when we will again have MG + mg is equal to M A one from here we can get to mg is equal to ma12 on cancelling the terms of mass will get even is equal to twice of Ji ko this will be the required on cheque from the

option the option we will have the option to ji and the option B the correct option thank you

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