In Young's double-slit experiment, let A and B be the two slit. A thin film of thickness t and refractive index μ is placed in front of A. Let β= fringe width. Then the central maxima will shift


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question and question says that we have in young's double slit experiment let A and B be the two snakes are thin film of the Christian refractive index news placed in front of A and B on the fringe width and the central Maxima will shift how much its first of all we have to Smith light and for Central Maxima there is a screen on the other side and Central Maxima for Central Maxima the path difference for Central maximum right that is equal to zero for Central Maxima right if the path difference is zero what does that
mean is path difference is represented as X By Capital doing right X is what access this distance light so path difference introduced due to a thing that is in let this be a Slave let this be missed it so we are introducing us filmi year of thickness t and refractive index Mu write due to bad what will happen that would be a part of this seems right what would be the bisti itself introduced write us after kal length - the geometrical length geometric parklands was the
path difference right so that would be equal to optical path length in beam u t minus the geometrical partner that turns out to be a -1 when we do it that is the path difference correct that is built due to shifting this Delta would be equal to this would be a shifting due to this much for the difference x might be that would be equal to what is access the shifting parameter right but would be equal to minus 1 into it from here X turns out to be equal to P new minus 1 into b b v so since we are given that b is the French with right French
with has a formula that is equal to be Jamnagar equal to distance between the fringes that is best rate so we bind we can write from here are divided into five equal to M bi langda write its turns out Mitti into minus one by one right this is the shifting and shifting acres towards it moves towards a so what will happen is the answer is towards a option and buy 3 2 - unbeatable and that is option C with
answers thank you

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