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In Young's double-slit experim...

In Young's double-slit experiment, let A and B be the two slit. A thin film of thickness t and refractive index `mu` is placed in front of A. Let `beta = ` fringe width. Then the central maxima will shift


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

toward Atoward Bby `t(mu - 1) (beta)/(lambda)`by `mu t (beta)/(lambda)`

Answer : a.,c
Solution : For a certain point P on the screen at a distance x from the center of the screen, paht difference `Delta = (x d)/(D)` <br> Path differnce introduced due to sheet `= (mu - 1)t`. <br> For central maximum at P, <br> `(x d)/(D) = (mu - 1)` <br> or `x = t(mu - 1) (D)/(d)` <br> Now, `beta = (D lambda)/(d)` <br> `:. (D)/(d) = (beta)/(lambda)` <br> Hence, `x = t(mu - 1) (beta)/(lambda)`


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