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Wave Optics


In YDSE , what should be the w...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : we want `theta=(lambda)/a(n=1)` <br> Now `20 (lambda).d=2 (lambda)/a` <br> `rArr=d/10=0.01 mm` <br> It is interesting to note that wavelength of light and distance of the screen do not take part in the calculatation of a.


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the question is invited what should be the width of each slit top 10 20 Maxima of the double shift pattern within the central maximum ab single chip pattern according to the question let's draw a diagram so the screen and we are obtaining on the screen the maximum for single slit experiment ok so suppose this is the maximum we were suppose this earth has be now in the same breath we need to obtain 2020 maximum double slit experiment

so what should be the width of the Maxima or string pattern so that it can inculcate 20 maximum by double slit is what we need to answer this question right now and colour width of single slit theta is equals to 2 land upon V which is equals to so we can write Y is equals to 2 Lambda the upon B B is the width of each slit of width of maximum vacancy and why is the distance from the centre to the point so

let this be our first equation now similarly for double slit will find the question for double slit we know that beta that is the French with is equals to Lambda DNA found here capital the is the distance between the screen and the and small D is the distance between the two slit suppose this is discrete this is that to set we have and we are doing the young's double slit experiment so this is Malti this is capital De the distance between screen and slit ok so this single site we can write Y

is equals to 20 beta so why is equals to 20 beta winner that is equals to Lambda Ada Ponds holiday so let this be question number 2 now for the to experiment why is it so we can write to Lambda upon B to landed upon B is equals to 20 London upon small De so here lamda lamda will cancel and Didi will cancel so we will get the easy way to find it so well put be on the left hand side so busy to Dr content will

obtained and here in this question we have been provided the value of the which is equals to 1 mm ok so this therefore we can write b is equals to 1 mm upon 10 with equals to 0.1 MM so this is a final date should be the width of Central Maxima of single ticket ok so this is answer


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