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In YDSE, slab of thickness t a...

In `YDSE`, slab of thickness t and refractive index `mu` is placed in front of any slit. Then displacement of central maximu is terms of fringe width when light of wavelength `lamda` is incident on system is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello problem Set 5 ideas slab of thickness t and refractive index Mu is placed in front of any one of the state then the displays the central maximum in terms of the French when a light of wavelength Lambda is incident on the system is it and options given Sa beta of new -1 Labra dog new - 1 number option C is beta new -13 lumber and toxicity is beta of new -154 lab understand the concept so CR

Dubai setup and a screen in front of any one of the slit we have placed open of thickness t and refractive index me so we know that that the parties is due to the presence of the state is given by 2 minus one know if this list is not present here then the central maximum a point but due to the presence of this lead the central maximum so what we can comment that at the point or dash this part 2 should be this is called is the optical path of this optical path difference should be equal to the physical path difference

when the light me at the point O dash and how the physical path difference is given by physical path difference is given that deltax is given by wind what is the distance of point from point to point is the value of Vinyl sticker partitions with physical parts so that the netparticipate at the point potential due to take to give you -1 is square into small capital from the value is your new minus 1 into capital De by small De and we have to represent the other in terms of Lambda in terms of m m the French word find the value of M given the London to Capital Divas it so we will multiply divide

in which laptop should know that this value this value capital De Lambda into small it will be replaced with beta so we will get into minus 1 divided by the value of the displacement of the central maximum which is given in the option to search within 72

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