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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 39


In YDSE intensity at central ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D


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hello students our question is in young's double slit experiment intensity at Central Maxima if I not the ratio 5 is to I not at a path difference Lambda B screen from the central Maxima is close to and we have to find this ratio ok to first we draw the diagram the situation discoveries in OK Screen support and we are having two slits share like this let me draw the slits this is the first lit and this is our second and our central line is this ok now that thing is at centre for 80 the

two waves from the two slits go inside because the two slit will behave like coherent sources and the path difference will be 02010 City will be I not here so I not will be if you fine dine out first we write the formula of intensity in intensity at any point is equal to 1 + 2 + 2 under root 2 cos 55 represent different now at centre is difference between 0 to cos 5 will be one at Centre let me right at Central Maxima so this will be this and both have same intensity because it is basically come

Asim Shoes from the left side of this right now intensity will be how much I will be suppose this is my 10 + 10 + 2 x of under root ideas ideas so and multiplication so if you find the intensity it will be provided will be I square under root a square will get give Sahi so it will be how much it will be 4i dash so this is our eye sore eyes equal to I not to be right here I not will be equal to or we can take it I not from any through this will be our expression of fine art now we have to find intensity at a path difference of Lambda by it so

path difference of Lambda B we have to find 525 will be we know the formula Delta 5 aur 5 is equal to 2 pi by Lambda and to Delta X Adult access path difference to be put the value of Lambda it at the well so that Altaf I will be to pi by Lambda into Lambda by it Delta Phi will be how much it will be simply bye-bye Pur ok now we can find intensity so intensity I am naming it as it will be ideas + address + 2 x of under root square like this

cause of delta Phi Delta Phi spiber so I am writing a i will be equal to 2 + 2 Cos pi by 4 is 1 by root 2 so it will be let me right it it will be I will be equal to 2 Idea shall get common so it will be one plus how much 1 by root 2 ok now if we find the ratio of ice to I not so it will be to ida and if it aquarium it will be root 2 + 1 by root 2 root will get in Human tonometer into what is the

value of H I know it is a rider it will be like this I will get cancel out to will get also cancelled by 4 feet will be I buy not will be equal to root 2 + 1 divided by 2 root 2 if you put the value of root 2 and calculate its value so its it comes nearly 0.85 one ok so this is the answer and if you choose the correct option according to this so the correct option will be De


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