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Aiims 2019 26 May Evening Shift


In YDSE a = 2mm, D = 2m, lambd...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`1000 mum``500 mum``250 mu` mu `125 mu`m

Answer : D
Solution : `I = I_(0) cos^(2) '(phi)/(2) = (I_(0))/(2)` <br> `cos'(phi)/(2) = 1/(sqrt(2))` <br> `phi/2 = pi/4` <br> `phi = pi/2` <br> `Deltax = lambda/4` <br> `y = (beta)/(4) = (lambdaD)/(4d) = (500 xx 10^(-9) xx 2)/(4xx2xx10^(-3)) = 125 xx 10^(-6) m` <br> `y = 125 mum`


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hello Pawan Inverter AC is equals to 2 mm the distance between the screen and the Slate is given it is to the wavelength 500 distance of point on the screen from the central maximum where the intensity becomes 50% of the central maximum people talk about the intensity at any point equals to maximum intensity that is the intensity at the Central maximum time required to verify is the phase difference this is the formula for it now I will write down we want the intensity to be half updo maximum intensity that is this it will be equal to the cos square pi by 2 this IMAX will be get cancelled out

and you will get Cos pi by 2 is 1 by root I can I down this 5 by 2 is I by 4 and 5 is to educate the phase difference you can write down the path difference rate it will be Lambda by to pi into the based upon the value to make this NM so it is 500 NM Lambda so I will write down into 10 to the power minus 9 phase differences it will be 5 by 4 into 10 to the power minus 7 now I can get the

distance on the screen it will be simply this is the distance of the slit distance of the screen form from the state Capitol di and the smaller is the distance between the slit so it is given here the distance difference is this and distance of the screen from the slightest to M and this distance between this latest -3 so this will get cancelled out and if you see this is if you send it on the above you will write down it is by 4 into it will be 10 to the power minus 7 so if you divide this it will be 125 so I will write down it is 125 micrometre and this is the answer of this question

we can check for the option to hear it is D thank u


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