Updated on:30/05/2023

In which of the three media : air, water or iron , does sound travel the fastest at a particular temperature ?


Transcript the question is in which of the three media that is air water or iron does sound travel fastest at a particular temperature so if you are familiar with the propagation of sound that how preparation of sound then you must win and get a sound tropical with the alternate region of compression and rarefaction so the propagation propagation will be faster will be faster with increasing density of increasing density of the media media that is if the medium is
it will do what it will easily transfer or propagate the vibrations of the medium that is the vibrations of the sound energy for other in the medium so with increasing density of the media the preparation will be is here there for the velocity of sound velocity of sound will be more in more in dancer medium then in the real one now for the three media air water and I didn't consider the density of air as low density of water at 0 w
and density of iron as row I now as you must have in mind that since density of a lesser than density of metal density of air is the soft and density of water and Ireland as it is most among these free so it will be more therefore since velocity of sound is proportional to density of medium that will get well city in air will be less than that in water Villa that will sit in iron that is called this is gas this is liquid solid so far it will have obviously high density that were therefore in iron this sound world travel
fastest that's all for the socialist thank you


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