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In the shown figures (1) and (2), capacitors are in steady state. Charging batteries are removed a switches `S_(1)` and `S_(2)` are closed at time `t = 0`. The plot In I (I is the current in the resistor ) against time t the resitors `R_(1)` and `R_(2)` are shown in the figure. Choose the correct option (s) <br> (1) <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/MPP_PHY_C16_E01_150_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Text Solution

If `epsi_(1) = 2 epsi_(2), R_(1)` must be equal to `2R_(2)`If `R_(1) = R_(2), C_(1)` must be less than `C_(2)`If `C_(1) = C_(2), R_(1)` must be less than `R_(2)``R_(1) C_(1)` is equal to `R_(2) C_(2)`

Answer :


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Telugu question paper first and second capacitor in steady state battery and switch S is closed at time of 20 the plot of Allen is the current in the event that time the resistor R1 and R2 are shown in the figure in the question it is given that the capacitor in steady state State means recharge the batteries are removed from here in here only this circuit working

in the circuit working on boat charger charging circuit is RC circuit so we can write q2q not 1 - series the power 3 / asking so from Android q and R are doing for finding the mean of this graph graph that is equal to Aditi and when

one minus power tty1 RC / having / AC power t r c is equals to now because in the graphic for taking Allen on both side adonais refers to the point where are you can say that why is equal to M S plus three straight line so

slow by comparing these two question me having equal to minus 1 by H C and c equal to Allen yaar vinati hai use value of party is increasing and is also increasing because it is in the -9 so from here we conclude that the decaying of first circuit is larger than flicking second show current is flowing largest much faster than s s from here

we can say that now we can find the value of time time constant recourse to RC circuit is equal to Avan Ivan and perfectly circuit how to see to it is given that one then town to cause the king is faster in second Kerala compared to

perfect from here you can write put the value of Tower in tower tower 1 is R1 and R2 sp1 now we are using in this the elimination method means we check the options and see which option is correctly define are 17 is equal to this is the wrong because our 17 is less than our condition is not satisfying destination for second C1 and C2 are equal R1 version status check for this C1 and C2 are equal then R1 and R2

are equal to listen to our carbon must be less than one is correct if R1 8 17 part 1 and 2 are equally divided as R1 R1 that even version 32

bit condition is also love that ball EP 132 carbon must equal to 8 even if two time of Urdu must be equal to 2 x of art are one must be less than 8 which is less than or two of us but we had to be not eraser for 1 minus 1 minus the power minus 3 is

the supply voltage and the voltage across the capacitor C1 - Bhagwati Aarti Jivan is to time it was a condition are one must be less than this option is also correct option option one correct option

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