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In the line spectra of hydroge...

In the line spectra of hydrogen atom, difference between the largest and the shortest wavelengths of the Lyman series is `340Å` . The corresponding difference of the Paschan series in `Å` is ...........


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello Pawan in line spectra of hydrogen atom difference between largest and shortest wavelength of lyman series is 342 8 to find out the corresponding difference for centuries sirf you see here that is true the lines first solar suppose this is the lyman and this is the Balmer paschen and so on so if I write this line is liable for any electron which have the final and final and equals to 1 that it comes on the lineman this I will right alignment and this is Pal Main

Pareshan trade so you have to find out the difference between London and Lambda minimum for pics if you see here if I write the formula for wavelength so I will write one upon Lambda is equals to are there will be even if you see her this is hydrogen item so I will write Z1 here so are into one upon and find a square minus n initial square so as I told you lineman the final and will be equals to 1 and perfection the final and will be cause 23 it is given here the that the difference between the maximum and the shortest wavelength is 342 latest talk about the maximum and

shortest wavelength so this one bilanda quantity will be maximum when this and I will be minimum L I will write you want my Lambda is maximum then Lambda will be minimum rate so I will write one by Lambda minimum is equals to 1 upon and final square now this quantity I will write it will be for a bore and final square you can calculate the Lambda minimum for both partition as well as lineman by just putting the and final 1 and 3 respectively just that adhere to I will write for lineman if you see the Lambda minimum is equals to and final square by our rate so I will writer the Lambda

minimum for lineman is equals to 1 by R A Lambda minimum for this option will it will be and equals to 3 states but very simple calculate the maximum play suppose please find it photo lineman first then we will calculate the same for the patient fall lineman so I will write are upon for lineman the and final is equals to 1 minus it will be oneplus one it will be to show the highest Lambda will be of this line which is and equals to which is equal to 22 and equals to 1

having the final and initial and final principal quantum number so I will write two squares to 1 minus 1 by 4 it will be 3 by 4 is equal to 1 upon Lambda Max so I will get the Lambda Max is equals to the max for the lyman knowledge calculate the same for past and so I will write one upon Lambda Max for the partition it will be our the final and will be 33 square is 9 and initial and will be force of four square 60 so you could solve it so nice and into 16 it will be 144 arrival right 16 - 9 into our is equals to 1 upon Lambda Max for the

parson Sohar I will get the Lambda Max is equals to 144 16 - 97 into our Rato so here we got our will be in denominator here is calculated difference Lambda Max - Lambda minimum here if you see it is 1 by our and maxxis 4 by 3 are so 4 by 3 are minus 1 by it will be 1 by 3 and if you do the same for the patients were right Lambda Max buy land Amin is equals to 144/7 - if you C9 by are so I will write

9 in 27599 22/7 is equal to 60 3 by 7 so now you can see if we subtract 144 -63 then I will get - the sorry 81/17 so now you can compare the two potato so if the Lambda Max - land Amin for passion upon London minus Lambda mean by lemon for the person is it is 81 by 7 hour and upon this lineman it will be 1 by 3 so I will write 1 by 3 to this I will get cancelled out and you will get

281 into 3 equal to 3 by 7 so we know this difference for the liable to just put it here's mine Islami for partial is equals to Lambda Max - Lambda mean for lineman into this site it is given here the difference for the lyman it is 348 put it here so I will write 3 it into 243 by so final result is land and Amin for passion it is equals to 1180 2.85