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Class 12






Miscellaneous Volume 3


In the given potentiometer cir...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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2 m 1.8 m dependent on `r_1` none of these

Answer : D
Solution : d. `E_1` could be balanced if positive terminal of `E_1` would be connected to A.

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hello so the question is here we have given in the Potentiometer circuit the length of the wire ab is given to us ok now and the resistance is this basically 4.5 home ok now the land AC no deflection in the Galvanometer is if the deflection is not given that simply means in the we are talking about the Potentiometer no deflection no deflection means the balancing length at what we got the balancing length 14.1 class which is 4.5 so basically we have to find the length and she understood that it's a very first that the AC length is let us assume this length is I'll let us assume

this land is l and now hear the whatever the potential at this that this point AC the potential is also as same as we are ok as we can see this that is the current is flowing in the circuit something like this the potential at this place should be equal to potential between NC and my point because here the jio is given to us that means that is a balancing condition that we achieve ok to find the potential gradient we know that the ke can be returned as we buy l as we know that we can be written as I into a to b / OK where is R in what are is basically are ab ok now here the I you can write this is my and 2 are a b / well and I can be written as we buy h i can be written as

bhaiya Bada is what are its equivalent and here we have our a b / now first of all you have to find the equivalence we can see this year the resistance of 4.5 and 0.5 and both are connected in series you are equivalent will be what I hear you can write the equivalent b is given V is 5 and the equivalent is 4.5 + 0.5 X with the Arabi which is given to us 4.5 and the value of the given to S3 ok Dam where is given to us now it will be open 5 + 0.5 + 5515 cancel out so we have to open 500/3 what 1.5 and it is V for M understood my point now so you can easily find out the potential at a see what I'm trying to hear the potential at ac should be equal to hear the potential of this point latest

distance point B and this is point it ok let you can assume it ok now you can see this year so potential its AC should be forced to potential HD we can write the potential AC as potential AC potential D letter write first potential De so potential we can be written as well into ke OK when is ki you have the 1.5 is value of k and l is ok similarly we can write the potential at ac which is what which is we have given here the potential is 3 volt here the potential at a should be 3 volt is connected with 3 volt battery the potential

Twinkle at d is equal to collection ok so now here we have the 1.5 l = 23 l = 3 upon 1.5 which means to L am is answer for question

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