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In the given figure tension at...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`70 N``60 N``80 N``50 N`

Answer : C
Solution : `N//A`

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hello we are giving the question and the question says in the given figure tension at the midpoint of string to is string to is mass of the string one is 60 degree and mass of the strength to is 4:30 so what is the tension in the midpoint of this point so we could says that from here from the diagram itself said there is a hundred Newton force here night so there would be some tension here that is T1 and hear it would be Titu Titu nice registered acceleration direction night so what we could

say is that at midpoint rights to the mass of 316 kg weight and divided so this would become 8th and 9th class preakness would be some of this and hear it would be 6 plus two that is a plus food that would become equal to 1425 would be equal to 8 + 14 + 8 into a that is the acceleration from here acceleration turns out to be equal to 75 divided by 14 + 16 so that is 32 that will become 25 by 10 that is acceleration your is equal to 2.5 metre per second square right now we have to find the tension at the midpoint we had to find the tension

night so what we can say that on the block of mass 8 kg kg you can draw the fbd diagram of that unlike that of mass 8 kg there is a sport that is hundred and there is a tension here let that be cleaned and there is an acceleration that is in infopie so what we could save from here is that Android -1 would be equal to N a soul from here 100 - 1 Khanda tennis 8 into acceleration that is 25 by 10 night so 25 into 8 equal to crore Hundred 200/10 100 - 21 220 night City one turns out to be hundred -20

that is pretty Newton tension near at the midpoint is 18 you that is option says that I can say thank you

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