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In the given circuit switch is...

In the given circuit switch is closed at `t = 0`. The charge flown in time `t = T_c` (where `T_c` is time constant). <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A
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hello close at equal to zero in time t is equal to time to charge loan from 20 to do we know how I is represented I for this I know 18 to the power minus 3 by capital and capital T is what is time constant given by wap to find the charge so I can be written as the Q why of this I not one to the power minus

find to find the charge I will take this the other side additives BP then I will integrated from zero when taking Tuta and time range given from 0 to capital T where it is what is time now I know it is constant I can take it out on this integration sin so now it is integration of DT limit 0 to Capital t-minus integration 0 to Capital t e to the power minus 3 fine now solving this we know I not is what maximum value of current given by so I not I can write it as

if I take this is P - integration of e to the power minus 3 by 3 minus of 1 by and it goes from jio 2 putting these values are dresses copy file put the values of period - 1 to the power minus 1 is here and this so finally it is going to be nothing but I not by so I can write a b are 80 here it is going to be 11

b go to Other Side so this is by are told what are into our answer is R square by talk about the options option one is correct I hope you got your answer thank you

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