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Class 12






Electrostatic Potential And Capacitors


In the given circuit, a charge...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`+32 mu C``+40 muC``+48 muC``+80 muC`

Answer : C


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Blue Ribbon in the given circuit a charge of 18 microcoulomb is given to the upper plate of 4 microfarad capacitor then in steady state the charge on the upper plate of three microfarad capacitor diagram this this is you can remove now if you see these three play 3 play the includes three plate is isolated net charge on these three will be equal to zero if you see the upper plate of the 4 microfarad capacitor is given a charge of this much so the charge on the lower plate it will be this now if you see this plate and display less than the charge on this plate is Kyon so the total charge should be equal to zero charge on this will be 8

minus Q now you can add the 3 Cube + 80 - Q - 88 will be 20 now to other plate are joined to the earth like this this is the circuit so if you see here these two capacitor are connected in parallel and hear this plate will be having positive charge negative charge positive charge negative to if I say this is point a and this point is be so the potential difference between a bi point I will write V is equal if you see is at Higher potential so I will let you know this capacitor is having capacitance to so I will write q b and it is also equal to

80 - Kyon by 3 solve it right so here you right 32 is equals to 160 - 22 from where you will write five two squares 2160 you will get the Q is equals to 160 by 5 that is 32 we want to charge on this plate right so we got the charge on this is 32 and the charge on this we already have seen it is a t minus Q States why will write the charge on the upper plate of this three micro Farad capacitor so I will write charge on a portrait so we already have seen the upper plate is having positive charge the perfect is having positive search since the three plated plate or isolated right so isolated play

the three are isolated place the net charge on the these three should be equal to zero if this state is having -80 so these two would be having q and a t minus q and q 32 micro colour of three micro Farad it will be a t minus q and q is calculated 32 survival 880 -32 it will be 48 microcoulomb and this will be the answer of this question can mark the correct option to see will be the correct option

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