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Class 12






Miscellaneous Volume 3


In the given arrangement of ca...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : a. `(q_(1))/(1)=(q_(2))/(2)=(q_(3))/(3)=K` <br> `q_(1)+q_(2)_q_(3)=6` <br> Solving. We get<br> `K=1` <br> or `q_(1)-3muC`

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hello bhai FIR the question is in the given arrangement of capacitor pic micro coulomb charge is added to a point a find the charge on the upper Capacitor for this is the diagram given below there are the three capacitor to micro Farad 1 microfarad and three micro parrot and each capacitor is capacitor is grounded and there is a point in these are the options given below to we have to find so we have to find the charge on the upper capacitor means 3 micro Farad on the capacitor are grounded for voltage is same in all the capacitor so we know the charge is equals to see with the formula for the charge TV series capacitor voltage and b is equals to give up on CV writers like this and voltage is same so we 1 is equals to suppose this is a search

this is a charge Q to and this is a charge Q 3 ok so we won a everyone is given isliye 2 is equals to be in a and b three is equals to be a ok to be right as for what we write that is Fusion upon 31 and even upon 7 is equal to Q 2 upon 3 2 is equals to 3 upon MP3 that is equals to some constant King ok so put the value of the capacitor so that is you one upon and value of capacitor C1 is 1 is equal to Q 2 upon 2 is 2 is equals to Q 3 upon 33 is 3 is equal to

King value of human is ke Yuvan is equals to K value of Q 2 is equals to 2 ke and value of x is equals to 3 killed by using the charge conservation Q1 Q2 Q3 is equals to micro Farad stick microcoulomb As given in the question to put the value of Q1 Q2 Q3 that is K + 2 k + 3 K is equal to to hear the value of k is one micro coulomb to Q3 is equals to 3 ke to put the value of k hair that is 3 into 13 micro

Kulam this is the charge Q3 sunao check the option so we have we have option in correct status 3 micro Kollam

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