In the figure shown, the strings and pulleys are massless. The blocks are in equilibrium. If the force by the clamp on the pulley is `sqrt(8/3)` mg then `(M)/(m)` is equal to <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/VMC_PHY_WOR_BOK_01_C01_E03_030_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Balancing forces of m T mg let the force on pulley by clamp be `f_(c ) rarr` for pulley to be in equilibrium `f_(c )` should be equal and opposite to resultant of T and 1 <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/VMC_PHY_WOR_BOK_01_C01_E03_031_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> `rarr sqrt(8)/(3) mg = mg sqrt(2(1+cos theta)) rarr cos theta =1/3 =0.33` <br> `2T cos theta =Mg rarr 2m g1/3 =M g rarr (M)/(m) =2/3 =0.067` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/VMC_PHY_WOR_BOK_01_C01_E03_030_S02.png" width="80%">


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hello point in the figure shown the block if the forth by the class kya to find out the capital and by the small and both of making an angle theta with the so if you see this and we want the system to remain so if the system is related to

if you see the tension force is acting like this and the net force on the clamp should be the net force on the G by the world will be one of these because net force is zero rusty rusty find out the resultant of two given that the force on the wall love kavithaigal

p square + c square + 2 square we know that the resultant formula is resultant is under root square + b square + to a b cos theta and B are because the net force is the Baptist mission of this week 3rd take to T square 1 + cos theta is equals to

8 by 3 Amrit so we already know 30 equal to MC square and then directly and you will get 1 + cos theta is equals to 4 by 3 and Cos theta is 1 by 3 sweet got the value of cos theta and as he got the value of cos theta and at this point if you see this capital and write again the net force is zero so serious point teacher is acting in downward direction 30 in the tarikh 33 in this Direction this

angle is the link to see the horizontal component will be zero 3 sin theta will get cancelled by 30 and it will get added cos theta so this time we can cancel train cancelled so we can write down this cos theta put the values now equal to cos theta Das kapital small MG cos theta is 1 by 3

this is the question wanted the capital and we got it is equals to thank you

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