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Class 11






Current Electricity


In the figure shown, each resi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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high end this question in the figure stone is registered in the 2020 and the still have EMF 10 v it is meant by mistake in 2022 register Winston senators home with internal resistance rate of Joule heating in the circuit what is the rate of heating that means we have to find power now what is power power is equal to reveal the potential and I will take it or we can write it as we into eyes can be written as we humans low-power equal to V square upon our where are the resistance where equal to potential letter in voltage and R is the resistance superstar fall in this question

answer this question we have to find the power to it means we have to find voltage voltage is given that is 10 for 10 v v now to find the equivalent resistance when we can easily find the power distance from this resistance it has two in points that is in points p and end point city and both the endpoints are resting potential as diesel connected directly with why it means c and C are resting potential to this circuit resistance so this register is short circuit so we can neglect the distance from this wasted resistance is neglected focus on this register this register here the endpoints and B and C so let's be exact same potential and event also the same potential to be resting potential vitamins this register

is also spot cricket week and neglect this resistance vegetables to the effective resistance is this and this only this resistance 20 ohm and this is also a 20m both the resistors are connected in parallel the equivalent resistance are equivalent Formula 1 by equivalent is equal to 1 by 20 + 1 by 20 as both these registers are in parallel to this pic was becomes 1 by Eric valent is equal to LCM will be 22 this becomes one plus one that is 2020 so the equivalent resistance are equivalent is equal to 22 or we can write it as 10 ohm is equivalent resistance 10 v at the battery is given in this

question 10 to the power power is equal to Power is equal to b square near H P is equal to V square b r where are you think this is V square bhaiya now we can turn into time / are equivalent resistance 10 ohm extended cancel this becomes 10 what to the effective power rate of Joule heating is 10 what not let check the option to hear of your number 3 of the number 3 is the right answer this question thank you

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