In the circuit shown in figure, find the steady state charges on oth the capacitors.


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in the circuit shown in the figure find the steady-state charges on both the capacitors if you see this is the circuit anyway I want to be the current in capacitor and inductor capacitor so the only current will flow in a circuit it will be item is calculate the potential difference is 10 and the resistance of the circuit is pipe so I will write I 1 to 10 by 3 + 2 so it will be to a point when we got to a you can also calculate I am too so I to will be 20 by 6 plus 4 so it will be
b n that occurs again to a life you see info a the correct is to a in this direction in 3 ohm resistance the current is in this direction and if you see the potential difference between B and G point you can calculate so I will so if you see be point will be at Higher potential night since the in the direction of current flow the potential decreases in the current CEO from higher potential to lower potential to be it is to get export and if it talk about clf4 2 is equals to 8
the potential difference between DD and write it like this so as we got the potential difference between B and G point is 6 V battery got the potential difference between a photo of it can see this is a circuit in this is the in the circuit the capacitor is in series right so now you can calculate this it since the both capacitor with the two batteries are connected with opposite polarity potential difference it will be 8 - 682 v
and the capacitor are connected in three plus it will be to micro micro Farad is the capital cities and to what is the potential drop so you can calculate the QQ to potential to into two it will be will be equals to 4 microcoulomb and this will be the answer of this question the two capacitor will have a charge of 4 microcoulomb

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