In the circuit shown in Fig. 6.50, an idel ammeter and an ideal voltmeter are used. Whan the key is open, the voltmeter reads 1.53V. When the key is closed, the ammeter reads 1.0A and the voltmeter reads 1.03V. The resistance R is


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send the question is in the circuit shown in figure an ideal ammeter and ideal voltmeter are you when the key is open the voltmeter reads 1.53 V when he is closed the ammeter reads 1 the voltmeter reads 1.03 V the resistance R is when the switch is on this is on the current will flow from battery and there will be a potential drop off as in this resistance are as we can see that this voltmeter is connected to this resistor in parallel to the voltmeter will measure the potential drop which will be equal to as we can write here that we is equal to IR and we as the voltmeter
reads the value which is one point 0-3 and I is given one a land lease and write one into our Arvind equal to as we can write that are then I will be equal to 1.03 so the answer of this question is option B thank you send

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