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In the circuit given below, fi...

In the circuit given below, find the total current drawn from the battry is <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : C


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let's start a question that find the total current drawn from the battery VCR that 3025 define and 15 ohm are connected to a painful way we see your that 25 125 are connected in series and these three resistors are connected in parallel first we will find out the equivalent to 25 of 25 18 will be R1 because this season series so this can be added 20 + home ok it will be 50 of coming to the next

that are 1 and 10 ohm are connected in parallel form so it will be low or parallel combination equal to 1 by 3 equal to 1 by 1 + 1 by what we got that is 1 by 15 + now we can solve this ok this will be fixed by 50 which will be 3y 25 so that will be 25 by now is that the auto scan

2:30 hun and 15 in series can we apply the clearance for series that is 30 + 8 + 15 it will be 30 ohm + 2 + 15 ok if we put the value it will be 3025 by 3 + 15 it will be 160 by 3 if find found out what is the equivalence so we can apply on slow on

hello I call to we buy are we can write home slow in this way it will be the what is given as 15 volt and are equivalent is 163 now if you solve this will get 9 by 32 a coefficient of correct option is C9 by 32 we can write correct answer 32mb


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