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Class 12






System Of Particles And Rotational Motion


In the above question, angular...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello Ribbon latest question in the social what is given in the above question angular displacement of the disc in the first to second will be in Radian we need to tell the value ok so what was the question question was that the disk and tangential force along the circumference of the applied OK what was the first value for study was given as to be 10 Newton ok and the radius of the given as to be a 4.5 M and moment of inertia value was given as to be 2 kg metre square ok so it was rotated know what we need to find me to find and also it was given that initial angular velocity Omega not was given us to be zero to find in the first to second what is the angular displacement ok how can we get bank statement if we apply about equation of rotational motion so we can say that our theatre would be close to make a knot in Tuti plus half Alpha

square it just seemed to this equation is equal to UT plus half it is this equation is in the linear motion this is in the angular motion what is just a unknown quantity is the unknown quantity how can we get the value of Alpha so we know that that that ok which is applied but ok would be equal to I into Alpha or we can say that our Alpha would be close to what it would be town divided the moment of inertia bag you so what would be the value of the town at this force is applied along the circumference ok so what is the torque which is created tort is basically Force X the perpendicular distance of what is the perpendicular distance it is equal to 2.5 the radius would be 10 2.5 be put the value of torque at 10:00 in 2.5 and just value of this is given as to be values given us to be too so we put the value of to hear this is kg m m square and not permitted it is kg metre square ok bye featured this

cannot be from the situation it would be 5 upon to that is 2.5 and unit would be Radian per second square now we can put the value of theta would be it would be not into it is starting a velocity is zero angular velocity plus into 2.5 into what is the time time is given as to be as a square B = 24 this what would be the answer it would be 5 Radiant so 5 radium is our answer for angular displacement so which is the correct option so correct option would be 5 trillion b is the correct option understood this solution thank you

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