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In scattering experiment , alp...

In scattering experiment , `alpha` -particles were deflected by


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Repulsive force of electronsRepulsive force of gold nucleus Attractive force of electrons Attractive force of gold nucleus

Answer : B


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Orbit now when I energetic Alpha particle Alpha particles nucleus of Alpha particle in Helium nucleus of alien when I Di energetic Alpha particle is moving towards this goal point that in that case of this men's mass of proto so much of this is very very greater than mass of electron an increase of collagen when a very happy Oracle Teri abhi object collide with a light object then there is negligible change in momentum of this heavy object that means colicin of Helium atom with electron or repulsive attractive force attractive force nucleus is very weak so

this Alpha particle deflected by due to presence of this nucleus is also heavy deflected but due to electrons attract attractive force there is very negligible change in momentum of helium nucleus sorry cancel for particle Oregon Sukrut option is alpha particle many deflected by at repulsive force of gold necklace this force measure or deflection is shown due to Golden based on this