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In post office box experiment, if `Q/P=1/(10)`. In (R ) if ` 142 Omega` is used then we get deflection towards right and if ` R =143 Omega` , then deflection is towards left. What is the range of unknown resistance?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
`P/Q = R/X` <br> `rArr X =(Q/P) R =(1/(10))R` <br> `R ` lies between `142 Omega` and `143 Omega` <br> There, the unknown resistance `X` lies between `14.2 Omega` and `14.3 Omega`.


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Ravi 1.42 deflection towards right and 140 cm what is the range of you know that in a post office box equal to at null condition on all deflection is already given as 110 I want to put

value of Rs 142 and that exicom 2221 42 B N ration 2.2 ohm and operation input value of Rs 133 and value of 1 145 10 14.3 that the range of Pradhanmantri become 14.2 home 14.4 10.14.1

japak ranges from 14.2 14.3

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