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In H–spectrum wavelength of 1^...

In H–spectrum wavelength of `1^(st)` line of Balmer series is `lambda= 6561Å`. Find out wavelength of `2^(nd)` line of same series in nm.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : 486
Solution : NA


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hello only serious question in spectrum first line of Balmer is wavelength is this and your to the second line of the same Balma in the nanometre only so first of all we have given here the first line of Balmer have a wavelength of this much so if I draw the Balmer series so and equals to 2 will be the final for Balmer series of first line of what is this state so it is given that the for transaction from any cause 232 enables to the wavelength is this must then you have to find out the wavelength for any cost 24 to N = 22 transition so I will write one upon Lambda

is equals to 8 times of 1 by and final square minus and initial square simple so and final is always to for lyman series Balmer series like to just put and final 22 sale get 1 by 4 minus 1 by 9 so you will get after taking LCM you will get 36 and hair will get 9 - 45 by 36 ok so we got the first line of the lyman series have won by Lambda is now let's talk about the second line ok so you can see second line his from any cost 24 to N = 22 so I will write one by

dash is equals to our into 1 by 4 minus 4 square 16581 by 16 year so after subtracting will get 3 by 16 are as one by landers 1 mm is 360 so now we can divide this expression is suppose equation 1 and let's suppose this is equation to so you can divide the to 16 suppose I am dividing equation 1 by equation to the division you will get Lambda dash by Lambda is equals to so I divided equation to buy Question 1

so this is so this is a question to answer education ones of the dividing the two equation that ok so this one is not equation to buy one this is one by two rate so after dividing to to build 15 sorry 536 so 5 hour by 36 into 16 by three are so this I will get cancelled out and you will get 16 into 5 is a t b 36 as a Lambda ratio in 23 will be also there so I just you can write the land as is equals to 20 B 27 this will be 27 it into Lambda that is

if you see in the question it is given us 656 once I will put the value of Lambda as 6561 and you will get this as a answer the London will be 4860 and strum answer the question we have to find out the wavelength for the second light of the same series and we got 4860 and so in NM will be 486 NM and this will be your answer simple