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Class 12






Electromagnetic Induction


In Fig. there are two sliders...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 8
Solution : After long time, from conservation of momentum. <br> `mv_(0) = 2mv, v = (v_(0))/(2) = 8 ms^(-1)`.

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question is there are two sliders and they can slide onto frictionless parallel wires in uniform magnetic field B which is present everywhere Salman's of each is Resistance R and initially at rest now if one slider is given a velocity of 10 metre per second what will be the velocity in metre per second of the Other slider afternoon at the PM self induction for you we can say is the initial velocity of slider having mass M after long time we can say this sliders will be moving with same role of the we have tea mosses and since no force is acting no external force is acting on the system therefore we can say new momentum of the system

conserve initial momentum of the system is equal to find Momentum cancer initial Momentum and final Momentum as MV + M that is we have your MB to MB SV comes out app not find two not value is 16 and 16 by to comes after 8 metre per second it is we can see here after long time but this process will be moving towards right with velocity of a tree which is our

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